Advision Radar is a technology that allows you to track the number of possible views in real time. The system consists of a specialized device and cloud software.

The device is based on a Wi-Fi chip that checks for other devices within range. The accuracy of this method of measurement will be quite high in places of heavy traffic, because regardless of the fact that not all observers will have a phone around or have the device's bearing turned on, the data can be corrected by introducing a statistical error.

Information taken from Advision Radar is available in the Advision office in real time with a delay of minutes.

To connect the device in the personal account, you need to determine the screen next to which the device will be located and go to the "Audience" tab.

On this page, a fixed number of views is set, or the Advision Radar device is connected using the provided key and password. It is also possible to set the measurement error.

After connecting, data from the device is available on the “Impressions” page.

On the top panel, the user can choose a date range to display, screens (near which devices are installed) and creatives (files). Below is a graph and a table displaying the data according to the specified criteria. If no screen is selected, data on all devices and/or a specified fixed number of views are displayed. If one or more screens are selected, the information will meet the specified criteria.

If a specific creative (file) is selected, the approximate number of views of a specific creative (file) will be calculated by superimposing data on impressions on data on views.

Example of statistics of impressions of creative on the screen:

The result of calculating the views of a specific creative on a given screen:

Thus, Advision Radar is a convenient tool for evaluating the reach of the screen audience in general and certain creatives in particular.