The Advision digital signage content management system has 3 levels of user privileges:

 - owner

- moderator (content manager)

- observer

 After registration, the user receives the highest level - the owner. This level implies that the user can create/edit/delete any system resources (files, playlists, screens, networks, etc.) regardless of who created them.

Also, the owner has access to information about the tariff plan and the financial condition of the account on the dashboard and in the corresponding tabs.

Only users of the "owner" level have access to the "members" tab, where users of other levels can be created.

On the “members” tab, the owner can create other owners, for whom access to any resources will also be unlimited.

To create, you must fill out the appropriate form.

The owner can also create moderator level users. Users with this level will not have access to billing information and will not be able to access the "Members" tab. When creating a moderator, the system will give access to edit content on all available screens. If additional screens are added in the future, access to them for the moderator must be given additionally. Users with this access level can add content to screens and edit/delete only playlists they have created. We assume that the owners of advertising planes will give this level of access to their advertising sales managers.

An observer level user cannot edit any resources. He only has the opportunity to get a screenshot from the screens to which he has been granted access and see the impression statistics for the provided screens and files. We assume that this level will be used by "owners" to provide confirmation of impressions to a third party who ordered the content to be shown from the owner.

You can also create an observer-level user directly from the Report tab.

It is necessary to select the screens and files to which the owner or moderator wants to provide access and click the "share" button, after which a link will be displayed, by clicking on which a new observer will autologin. Also, a record about the created user will appear for the owners on the “Members” tab.